About Catherine

When I was a child, the only thing that captured my attention was art, and by high school I was receiving local, regional, and national awards for my paintings. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Florida State University in 1993, where I was only one of 13 in the program. By 1997, I knew that I wanted to share this with others, so became certified to teach K-12 by the University of Richmond. I still do studio workshops with children and adults through a summer program at St. Catherine’s. I’ve worked with oil and pastels and charcoal, but as I’ve transitioned from realism to more abstract pieces, I’ve embraced acrylics. It allows me to explore the lights and darks of a piece, and I can experiment with thickness – from rich textures to thin and fluid like a watercolor. Creating abstract pieces also allows me to appreciate the beauty in our interpretation of the most ordinary aspects of life.

Her Process

Most of my paintings are abstract, and my inspirations are the seasons and the colors they bring. In Spring and Summer, I tend to do water paintings or fields of sunshine, using positive shapes and the negative space to create the composition. I also work with clients to bring their visions to my canvas. I painted the favorite golf hole of a client’s husband, included their daughter and two beloved dogs. In both styles – abstract and realism – color and feel motivate the composition.